Moorland Canine

Welcome to Moorland Canine, Galen Myotherapy and clinical canine massage.

I’m Sarah and I help passionate, proactive dog owners to enjoy better, quality time with their dog, for longer; enabling their best friend to live their best life!

I work with owners to improve their dog’s physical health in response to a wide range of mobility issues.

By using clinical canine massage and a range of soft tissue techniques, treatment can help to restore and maintain a dog’s mobility throughout all of their life’s stages, enhancing their performance, wellbeing and recovery.

My clinic and workshop space in the Derbyshire Peak District specialises in the identification, assessment and treatment of muscular injury, musculoskeletal conditions and compensatory issues.

Alongside providing assessment and treatment, I also run a number of practical, hands-on workshops empowering dog owners to take a proactive role in their own dog’s health.

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From spotting signs of chronic pain to simple adaptations to your home, garden and your dog’s lifestyle, to appropriate exercise and the impact that home massage can have on their wellbeing.

Workshops are a great way of bonding with your dog too!

International Association of Animal therapists

The International Association of Animal Therapists primary objective is to promote excellence in animal therapy and is recognised by many leading insurance companies.

As a member of IAAT, I can provide you and your veterinary surgeon with reassurance in the following.

I have completed a recognised and thorough training programme with Galen Myotherapy.

I am committed to robust continuing professional development standards.

I am fully insured and adhere to the Veterinary Act.

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