IFSS European Dryland Championships 2016 – 17th to 20th November 2016. Kings Forest, Thetford, Norfolk

A whole weekend of performing pre-event warm-ups and post-race cooldowns on some of these fabulous canine athletes with the brilliant Galen Myotherapy team.

Warming up a dog prior to activity can enhance their performance, help to reduce injury and improve recovery. A warm-up before an event such as this; focussing on injury prevention increases numerous physiological and metabolic rates which translate into an increase in the dog’s overall performance, and a performance less prone to injury. Warmed muscles are more capable of extending further without damage and are more capable of absorbing the concussive forces generated under exertion.

A cool-down after competition or an event encourages the dog’s blood to cleanse its muscles of the toxins and metabolic wastes generated from exertion and keeps the muscles supple; preventing stiffening and the onset of delayed muscle soreness. 

Huge thank you to everyone involved; those that organised both the event and the therapists, those that supported and took part, and most of all, those teams who were so interested and receptive to what we do.

If you are keen to find out more about this exciting sport, check out these websites – the  International Federation of Sleddog Sports and the British Sleddog Sports Association.